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Life with Teri – A Daughter’s Promise

Many have said that I have a special relationship with my mom! And I really do! ‘We’ have a very special bond. She is not just my mother, she is my role model and my best friend! I am one of the lucky ones to still have their mother around at the tender age of 58.

I believe because my mom let me be a free spirit from the time I was born and never caged my creativity, I remain the free spirit I am today! She has always encouraged me to colour outside the lines and always see the bigger picture!

You are seeing this video today, so we may share a little of our journey. To encourage others to follow their dreams. Teri says in the video “If I can write a book, anyone can”, but I believe you need to have a passion for writing, and to be a good writer you must write a little something down everyday, ‘cause that’s important too!

Many years ago when trying to explain my mom as a writer, I compared her to a painter. Her canvas the paper, the paintbrush her pen, and instead of paint she uses words. From this I came up with… Teri Baker, the Poetical Artist. I feel this describes her to a ‘T’.

My mother and I have been through some difficult times in our lives together and have always been each other’s support. I have suffered Lupus since the age of 15, and when I had my family the disease became extremely challenging, so my mom came to live with us and helped me raise my three children. In 2004 it was her turn as she battled breast cancer, we thought all was clear until 2017, and this time it was here to stay. Stage 4 is the worst news you can receive, but when the doctor told her she only had 3 weeks to 3 months to live, instead of breaking down she thanked him for being honest and said she had faith he would do the right thing by her. The doctor had tears in his eyes because of her positive attitude but when she said “And anyways doc, I am not ready to go just yet, I’m working on a book, so I need to hang in there”. He had to leave the room, I followed as I too could no longer contain my emotions. We both stood in the hallway. He said “In all my years as a doctor I have never met someone who dealt with that news the way your mom just did, she is truly brave!”. It was then I made the promise to myself if she makes it this time, I will get her book self published.

We were looking for a miracle and hoped that one would find us and it did! We will be forever thankful to a dear friend that advised my mom not to do chemo. She introduced her to a non chemo treatment that has kept her alive and happy to this day! Quality of life is everything, and mom sure is making the most of every day!

Teri and I are also thankful for the ones who have seen our vision with the book ‘What if Bunny Poo was Square?’, and have shared their talents, time and support.

Izabela Bzymek is our partner and illustrator, without her the book would not have come to life. We met over 15 years ago but the story didn’t really come together until last year. When Teri was in hospital, with perseverance and pure determination between the two of us we worked around the clock to finish off the book. So I will always be grateful to Izabela for helping keep my promise.

And from the thank you department we are also grateful for Jeremy Hoffman for giving up his precious spare time from his busy schedule and seeing our vision!  Jeremy wrote and produced this awesome little song ‘FOREVER HOMES’, based on the book,‘What if Bunny Poo was Square?’. It’s the catchiest tune around. It’s fun, cute and hoppy, 🎵But Watch out for that POO!🎵

Thanks to Paolo Altruda for capturing the very essence of my mom, Teri Baker, at the end of this video. It portrays her youthful soul  and a heart of an angel! She is always laughing and sharing her love with everyone, which you can see here with the Highland Elementary school choir.  What you see is what you get! That’s my mom!


A Special thank you goes out to;

My husband, Izabela Bzymek, Gary Owen, Paula Baker, Joanne Lake, Bailee van Rikxoort, Jeremy Hoffman, Paolo Altruda, Gary Shaw, Ana Vasic, Mia Lancaster, and The Highland Elementary School.

And last but not least a heartfelt thank you to Teri Baker for sharing her stories. Keep shining, and sharing!

I love you mom for all the good that’s you!💖

A little sneak peek inside our recording studio session


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