Rules for Finding Rocks Safely

  1. Let your students know that they can find rocks to paint for “Unit: A Bunny of My Own! – Lesson 1” in lots of places!
  2. Recommend that they start by checking their back yard or a relative’s property.
  3. They can also look around parking lots and other public places.
    • Remind them NOT to take any landscaping rocks.
    • It may be illegal to remove rocks from rivers and streams on public, state, or federal lands.
    • It is ILLEGAL to remove rocks from federally protected lands like national parks.
  4. A safe and legal way to get rocks is to purchase them.
    • Places like dollar stores, craft stores, and Walmart sell bags of small smooth rocks.
    • Another option is to go to a landscaping supply place. They have all sorts of rocks that you can look at. River rocks are great because they are smooth and only cost a few bucks for a 5 gallon bucket full (2″-8″).

Samples of Bunny Rocks and Bunny Pens

Samples of painted Bunny Rocks from ‘Bunny of My Own!’ Unit – Lesson 1
Making a Bunny Pen as part of ‘Bunny of My Own!’ Unit – Lesson 2

Making a Bunny Pen as part of ‘Bunny of My Own!’ Unit – Lesson 2