We can all make a difference one book at a time

Teri Tales Productions is proud to be support the Michael Cuccione Foundation


On the launch of our first children’s book we will be donating $2 per book.



Our Goal:

We can all make a difference one book at a time!

Our Charity Family (Left to right): Domenic Cuccione, Gloria Cuccione, Rick van Rikxoort, Carla Cuccione, Jonica van Rikxoort, & Michael Cuccione Snr.


Please Contact:

Gloria Cuccione OBC

Executive Director

Michael Cuccione Foundation

Office 604 552-2850



Please click here for more information about the

Michael Cuccione Foundation and Children’s Cancer Research.


Here is a clip of Steve Darling, co-host of the radio station Sportsnet 650, hosting Kick For The Cure for the Michael Cuccione Foundation.

Videos and interviews provided by Jonica van Rikxoort.


Come fly with Michael Bublé on a tour through the brand new

Teck Acute Care Centre at BC Children’s Hospital. #WeAreBuiltToHeal



Recent Events


On January 25th, 2018 the Michael Cuccione Foundation had the pleasure of unveiling the new Michael Cuccione Foundation Playroom at the BC Children’s Hospital.  Jonica had the incredible honour of being invited along, representing Teri Tales Productions.  During Domenic Cuccion’s incredible speech he even mentioned Teri and our book, What If Bunny Poo Was Square? (at approx. 5.40 into the video)  For each book sold the Michael Cuccione Foundation will receive a $2.00 donation.  Below is a live stream from the event showcasing Domenic’s wonderful speech.