Teri Baker, Author

Teri Baker

Teri is a first time author who has been writing and telling stories for over 75 years. Three generations of family members have grown up on Teri’s Tales, enhanced by her British humour and flair. Residing in West Kelowna, BC. Canada, she is excited to be sharing her first self published book.

“It’s never too late to follow your dreams!

You can learn more about Teri HERE


Izabela Byzmek, Illustrator

Izabela is a talented artist, illustrator and animator who has worked on several children’s books and movies, including: The Angry Birds Movie (2016), Storks (2016), and the Nut Job (2014). Izabela won first place at both the AMD Animation Festival (2003) and The Yorkton Film Festival (2008) for her work. Her talents are evident, as the illustrations are what helps bring this book to life!

You can learn more about Izabela HERE

Jonica van Rikxoort,
Creative Director & Co-Author

Jonica, aka “Jonxy”, is the Creative Director, co-author and daughter of Teri Baker. She has made it her mission to help turn her mother’s dreams into a reality. You will find her managing all Social Media for Teri.

You can learn more about Jonica HERE

Gary Owen,
Creative Advisor

Born and raised in Hollywood, California, Gary’s interests in ventriloquism developed during early childhood, when he was influenced by the popular talents of Paul Winchell, Señor Wences and Jimmy Nelson, of “Nestle’s Quick” fame. Gary has over 40 years in broadcasting as DJ, talk show host, television produce-director and award-winning voice talent.

You can learn more about Gary HERE

Jeremy Hoffman,

Jeremy is an award-winning pianist and composer with a background in performance coaching and music education. Jeremy completed his ARCT in piano performance at the age of 15 and has since dabbled in numerous genres including pop, rock, classical, hazz, ragtime, and Broadway. Select musical direction and keyboard credits include: Cabaret, Beauty and the Beast, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, SUDS: A 50’s Rockin’ Musical, Glorious: A Florence Foster Jenkins Musical, and Clue: The Musical.

Lisa Redl,
Public Relations / Media Coverage

Mom, wife and storyteller are only a few of Lisa’s attributes.

Lisa has been an avid supporter and advocate of Teri Baker’s poems and has been helping in this journey over the past 8 years. Her relationship is more than just getting the word out there about Teri’s Tales… she has become family.

As Public Relations and Media Coverage Manager, Lisa is here to ensure you all hear about and see the great things that are happening at Teri Tales Productions.

You can reach Lisa through email HERE

Nicole Lavoie,
Graphic & Website Designer

As a mom of three young children, Nicole understands the importance of reading and her support as a Graphic & Website Designer has helped expand Teri’s Tales to reach a worldwide audience.

You can learn more about Nicole on her website at www.JustSayingDezigns.com

Bailee van Rikxoort,
Development Team

Bailee is attending the Wilson School of Design in Richmond, BC. After completing her schooling for Graphic Design, Bailee is invested in using her skills to make the joy and humor of reading Teri’s Tales available to children all around the world.