Jonica van Rikxoort (Jonxy)

Our Creative Director, Jonica van Rikxoort, is at the center of Teri Tales. Daughter of Teri Baker, she is also co-author and investor (along side her husband Rick). Jonica and Rick are proud supporters of their local community, with a number of worthy charities benefiting from their generosity.

Jonica has chosen the Michael Cuccione Foundation to be the charity of choice for Teri Tales Productions, vowing to donate $2.00 for every book sold.

Over the years, Jonica has been a very active member of the community, working to encourage and support young boys and girls as they grow into strong and confident men and women. As former owner and operator of the Richardson Academy, glowing reviews and feedback were (and still are) coming in from past students.

“My daughter Kristal was going through rough times in high school, with self esteem and confidence issues, as well as being bullied. I felt that she needed some kind of class outside to school to give her a confidence booster. I had heard that the Richardson Academy did a modeling and self esteem workshop, so I enrolled Kristal in it. I could see that Jonica really encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone.

That was over 20 years ago and we still kept in touch with Jonica. I really think she had an impact on Kristal, as Kristal spent many years singing and speaking to crowds, and is now encouraging young girls to find and share their sparkle with the world.”

Diane Barrett ~ March 2021

“I met Jonica when I was the tender age of 14 years old. At that time she was a mentor to me. I was looking to develop skills in my acting and confidence and she offered that. She was running a class on modeling and personal development.

The skills I learned from her empathetic teaching style have carried over into my career as an actress. She taught us to believe in ourselves, have self-love, and self awareness. I’m a blessed woman that she came into my life when she did and that she still is in my life providing all those same life lessons to this day.”

Lindsay Maxwell ~ March 2021 Instagram link