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Teri Baker is a first time author who has been writing and telling stories for over 75 years.  She started writing at the age of nine, compiling her stories into a manuscript that she has carried around with her ever since.  Three generations of family members have grown up on Teri’s Tales, entranced by her British sense of humour and flair.  Residing in West Kelowna, BC. Canada, she is excited to be sharing her first self published book.  Sadly, during the production of this book, Teri was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Her daughter and co-author, Jonica, has set a mission for herself to ensure Teri sees the book launched by spring 2018.


Teri always says “It proves one thing….it’s never too late to start!”




2 thoughts on “Meet the Author”

  1. This is an extraordinary journey, I am delighted to see unfold for you and your family. I wish you guys the best and my desire to be an author one day has been refueled with your quest and perserverance. May God be with you always.

    1. Jonica van Rikxoort

      Bless you for your lovely review! We are working towards many goals, soon to be revealed on our site in September.

      Teri & Jonica

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