Radio interview with Joe Hughes and Gary Owen

Hidden in a hospital closet, the interview must go on…

Last week Teri Tales Productions had the incredible honour of being guests on Joe Hughes radio show ‘The Vinyl Thought’.  Scheduled to take part via phone conference, Teri, Jonica and Gary were to chat with Joe all about the book and the upcoming show Gary will be headlining in Kelowna.

But life got in the way and Jonica found herself in the hospital after suffering from severe stomach pain. While waiting to go in for a final scan at the hospital, Jonica realized time was running out.  Not wanting to cancel in interview entirely, Jonica snuck off to a quiet area in the hospital and called in, sadly without Teri (who was waiting at home).

Below is a snippet from the post that Jonica posted on her Facebook page, thanking Gary and Joe for the great interview!


Teri BakerGary Owen, and I were so excited to talk with Joe Hughes about what the future has in store, but obviously with my new circumstances it was impossible for my mom to be there. Being the show was based on Teri, and her two time cancer survival we knew we had to make the most of what was at hand, and as they say in the biz…the show had to go on!

I constantly kept my eye on the clock as it quickly ticked by the hours. With anticipation I focused on the positive… that I would have my scan, get discharged and then home!

Well life in the hospital is a lot like life in the film industry….hurry up and wait! If I hadn’t taken the initiative and said enough of this waiting, I would of missed the boat![…]

I eye up the clock on the wall once more and back to my phone, it was 3:40, was I going to do this interview or would I be called in to do my scan? […] I glanced down at my cell and there was Gary and Joe saying STAND BY for voice check.[…]

So, here I am…[tucked in a quiet closet], dry mouthed from the [pain medication], with freezing cold stale air conditioning wafting over me and we go live….

They say if there’s a will, there’s a way, and you better believe that’s true!

So folks here it is…my very first live radio interview, on a American radio show that airs worldwide no less! […] Thanks to Gary and Joe ‘THE PRO’S’, I do believe our story got told.

If there is anything you want to know about what’s going on with Teri Tales Productions, and what the future has in store for us, this is well worth a listen or a good laugh, but hopefully not all at moi!

Thanks again to Joe Hughes for having Gary Owen and I on his show! ?You’re simply the best! ?


Below is the entire radio segment from Joe’s show.  The interview with Jonica and Gary begins at mark 9:30 on the player and ends at mark 55:34.