Bunnies are family too! Meet the real life Marcie Warren!

The other day I was searching for a local bunny sanctuary to discuss what happens to all of the unwanted Easter bunny pets after the novelty wears off and families no longer wish to care for them. Where do these bunnies end up? Who cares for them?

Little did I know I would end up talking to Annie Monod of the Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary right here in the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada.  Turns out, Annie is exactly like our children’s book character, Marcie Warren, from ‘What if Bunny Poo was Square?’… only Annie is the grown-up, real-life version!

As we got to chatting, I couldn’t believe how many similarities there were between Marcie and Annie!  

The first page in our book begins:

“I started with one bunny, not doing too much poo. Fluffy and adorable, I called my bunny, Sue”.  ~ Teri Baker

Marcie only wanted one pet bunny, but someone dropped off an abandoned bunny named Patch (whom Marcie fell in love with), and very quickly thereafter she ended up with what felt like a gazillion more…

“My bunnies have certainly multiplied, now my house looks like as zoo. Looks like a gazillion bunnies, have done a gazillion poo!” ~ Teri Baker

We discovered Annie and Marcie’s love for animals was parallel.

Annie starts her story:

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted a bunny. The same little girl is now past 60 years old and has over 200 bunnies and 300 other assorted animals in her care. That little girl is me, Annie Monod, and I am the Owner, Director and Chief Hutch Keeper at the Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary.

I started the Sanctuary for sick, injured and homeless bunnies 10 years ago when I realized small animals and pets were being abandoned outside to fend for themselves due to lack of surrendering facilities. Since that time, the number of furry friends under my care has steadily grown. Now more than just bunnies, the Sanctuary cares for cats, hens, guinea pigs, turkeys and many more animals. Currently over 500 animals call our Sanctuary home.

Most of the bunnies in this Sanctuary live in a spacious rabbit enclosure, where they are free to socialize with their fluffy friends. I make it a point of neutering all the male rabbits to keep the population from increasing any faster than it already is. Our phone is always ringing with new rescues. From guinea pigs to pot belly pigs, canaries to parrots, all our furry and feathered friends have a name and a story. Each is unique and deserving of life, love and joy.

Here are some of the Sanctuary’s most memorable stories:

There was a time when two young girls were driving down from Beaver Lake and saw a crow pecking at something on the road. As they slowed their jeep down the crow flew off, and a tiny baby bunny ran towards them. The girls quickly opened the door and scooped her up. When the bunny was brought to us, she had multiple open wounds and was riddled with bot flies. We could not believe this injured baby bunny survived such trauma. Bottle feedings were around the clock! She thrived and a social media ‘Star’ was born.

Ruby the chicken ran out of the woods in a remote campsite location to be with a family enjoying a camping weekend. Startled to see a hen so far away from civilization, they took care of her. For 3 days Ruby stayed with them and shared their meals. When it was time to go they sadly said their goodbyes, left her some food and started on a 4 hour journey home. You can imagine their surprise the next morning when they saw Ruby chicken running around in their backyard!!! She must have stowed away on top of the spare tire under their trailer. After all this, who could resist such a determined and intelligent girl?

Kelly came from a commercial turkey farm. I received a call asking if we would take on this new baby who had rolled out of the egg with badly deformed feet. Ironically, his special needs saved him from becoming Thanksgiving dinner. Now at 3 years old he charms all his visitors. Everyone loves Kelly!

A pet pig named Princess Poppy once had a wonderful life living inside a beautiful home with a woman who adored her. Unfortunately, due to difficult circumstances, Princess Poppy became homeless. A good samaritan took Princess Poppy home but was not allowed to have her in the house. She was forced to live outside in a dog crate packed with comforters. It was minus 18℃ winter weather and she grew very sick. We were not expecting a little pig to arrive just before Christmas. She happily lived with us all winter snuggling with her new bunny friends. Now she has her own pig house and an enclosed yard with her pig friends, princes Harry and William, and Buta.

We do not adopt out our animals, their permanent home is here and we aim to provide them a lifetime of food, shelter, medical attention and love.

Our Sanctuary is run completely by volunteers who quickly become friends & family. We all hold the same goals close to our heart. The welfare of our animals comes first. If they are happy then we are happy. The volunteers are the heartbeat of the Sanctuary and they are essential in everything we do.

The Warren Bunny Peace Sanctuary is a registered, non-profit Canadian charity. The Sanctuary is funded one hundred percent by donations, and all of our funding goes to animal care. It costs about $50 per day to feed all our animals. As the Sanctuary is full of exotic species, we need an exotic vet. Dr. Linda Kaplan, who has an interest and extensive experience in exotic species, as well as the staff at Tri Lake Animal Hospital, gives us the best in quality care. Although our vet expenses are never ending, you can’t put a price on good health! Unlike some larger charities, we are not government funded. All our expenses are covered by the generosity of special people who love animals.

We are open to the public Saturdays from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm – Easter through to Thanksgiving. We are open year round to any animal in need and can be reached any time at (250) 470-3606. Check us out on Facebook (Antoinette Monod) and visit us in person.

Donations may be made by visiting Canada Helps and visit Annie and the Warren Bunny Peace Sanctuary on Facebook

As you can see, this little girl went far beyond her dream. While some would say, be careful what you wish for, I believe that dreams really can come true, and how marvelous it is when they do!


I don’t know about you, but after reading all of Annie’s stories about the abandoned, injured and rescued animals at the Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary, my heart was touched.

Unlike Annie, Marcie only being 10 years old, could only keep Patch and Sue! But she made a promise to all the other bunnies….

“I’ll be searching for Forever Homes, I won’t stop until I’m done. Loving homes for all of them, each and everyone!”. ~ Teri Baker

Annie has provided so many lovable critters with their ‘Forever Homes’. Both Annie and Marcie are my heros! ❤️❤️