Sneak Peek – Recording Studio Fun!

A little sneak peek inside our recording studio session


On Friday evening Teri Baker was in front of the cutest little bunnies (choir/chorus) ever.  Jeremy Hoffman who is responsible for the lyrics and producer of FOREVER HOMES, had these adorable girls singing and hoping like bunnies do! Mia (singer/soloist) narrated Marcie Warren’s (the heroine from our book), quest for looking for a miracle and warning us to;?Watch out for that poo? (bunny poo that is). Film maker Paolo Altruda captured each and everyone of us, and that footage will be coming out soon to a website near you! 

Teri, or universal nan, (as a lot of you know her) was floating on cloud nine as she is a huge fan of the Voice (a T.V talent show). This gave her a birds eye view and opportunity to be part of her very own show!

Our Creative Director, Jonica, has been working along side Jeremy since January and we are so thrilled with how this all came together in such a short period of time! We just can’t wait to share our accomplishments and our catchy little tune with all of you!

The song FOREVER HOMES? is beyond cute and catchy and also comes with a heartfelt message! This is our theme song that will be paired with PATCH (created by Izabela Bzymek), the character from our book, ‘What if Bunny Poo was Square?’, but that’s yet another surprise we have in store for you! All I can say right now is … Gary Owen!  ? ‘Be there, or be Square!’.

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A little sneak peek inside our recording studio session

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